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New City Paradise | Top Value Associates

New City Paradise | Top Value Associates

New City Paradise | Top Value Associates

The developers of New City Wah created New City Paradise, a 4,256 Kanal PHATA-approved housing society, which is situated at the 330-feet GT Road, close to the CPEC Route, Burhan Interchange, and M-1 Motorway. The New City Paradise is happy to have Top Value Associates as a sales partner and marketer. On a first-come, first-served basis, we are glad to make this fantastic investment opportunity available to our esteemed clients at the greatest prices in the real estate business.

For the benefit of the investors, it is vital to note that while similar-sized plots in New City Paradise are provided at lower costs, those around the project are sold for high prices. For instance, 5 Marla plots in nearby societies go for 60 Lacs, yet 5 Marla plots at New City Paradise are merely 18 Lacs. Therefore, if you reserve your plot now, we promise you a big profit margin in just a matter of 2-3 months. Investors may also visit our office, which is located on the first floor of New City Arcade in New City Wah if they reside in Wah City or the surrounding areas.

What are you waiting for, then? Call us right away to reserve your plots and start making money right away. By contacting the sales representatives of Top Value Associates, you may also reserve large plots in platter offers. In the final quarter of 2022, there will be a launching ceremony. The event is open to any and all local and international customers, and reservations for plots can already be made before the launch.

Owners and developers of New City Paradise:

The creators of New City Wah also created New City Paradise. The Chairman and Chief Executive of the entire project are Chaudhry Qamar and Chaudry Saad Zaman. It is a happy time that Top Value Associates has been granted full marketing and sales partnership rights to the property. A highly skilled group of professionals is devotedly and positively working on the project day and night. It took careful planning and design to create the project with all the best facilities at a competitive price.

In fact, because of modern society’s luxurious living standards and variety of requirements, there is an increasing demand for housing. By including sustainable elements that are run by cutting-edge technologies, the developers have guaranteed that the people will have an excellent living experience. Through a difficult check and balance system, high standards are kept throughout all stages of construction.

New City Paradise NOC:

The Punjab Housing and Town Planning Agency (PHATA) is said to have given its approval to New City Paradise’s No Objection Certificate (NOC). The organisation is registered under DG-PHATA/W-I/PHS/61/2022.

The administration and developers are working hard to fulfil all requirements in order to obtain additional pertinent NOCs from the appropriate authorities. 4256 Kanal of this over 20,000 Kanal housing society has already received approval.

New City Paradise Location:

The location of New City Paradise is excellent since it is close to the CPEC Route, the Burhan Interchange, and the M-1 Motorway on a 330-foot GT Road. The main avenue of New City Paradise, which is 250 feet wide, facilitates access.

Accessibility features for New City Paradise:

The housing development at New City Paradise is quite accessible.


New City Paradise is accessible in the following ways:

  • Located at GT Road
  • Nearly 10 min drive away from New City Wah
  • Nearly 2 min drive away from M-1 Motorway
  • Nearly 22 min drive away from Quaid Avenue
  • Nearly 25 min drive away from M-2 Motorway
  • Nearly 10 min drive away from Hazara Motorway
  • Nearly 0 min drive away from Burhan Interchange
  • Nearly 26 min drive away from Jhang Bahtar Road
  • Nearly 36 min drive away from Thalian Interchange
  • Nearly 20 min drive away from Islamabad International Airport
  • Nearly 15 min drive away from Brahma Jhang Bahtar Interchange
  • Nearly 18 min drive away from Islamabad-Rawalpindi Interchange

Nearby Landmarks & Locations in New City Paradise:

Several neighbouring landmarks & locations are located close to New City Paradise:

  • New City Wah
  • Islamabad
  • Rawalpindi
  • Kamra City
  • Wah City
  • Taxila City
  • Wah Cantt
  • POF Golf Club
  • Hassan Abdal
  • Wah Gardens
  • M-1 Motorway
  • M-2 Motorway
  • New City Arcade
  • Wah Model Town
  • Burhan Interchange
  • UET University Wah
  • HITECH University Taxila
  • Pakistan Ordinance Factory (POF), Wah

New City Paradise | Top Value Associates


New City Paradise Master Plan:

A team of highly skilled professionals with years of expertise created the New City Paradise master plan. On the team are experts in town planning, architects, engineers, and town planners. Nearly 20,000 Kanal of land will be needed for New City Paradise, of which 4,256 Kanal have already received initial approval. All essential and opulent facilities are incorporated into the project.

New City Paradise | Top Value Associates


New City Paradise Residential Plots:

A variety of residential plots of various sizes are available at New City Paradise, including the following:

  • New City Paradise 5 Marla plot for sale
  • New City Paradise 10 Marla plot for sale
  • New City Paradise1 Kanal plot for sale

New City Paradise 3.5 Marla Residential Plots:

Limited 3.5 Marla residential plots have lately been released, according to the NCP management.

New City Paradise Commercial Plots:

The NCP administration has introduced commercial plots of the following sizes, much to the joy of investors:

  • New City Paradise 2.5 Marla plot for sale
  • New City Paradise 4 Marla plot for sale
  • New City Paradise 7 Marla plot for sale

New City Paradise Payment Plan:

The New City Paradise payment options include simple instalment schedules and are fairly inexpensive. Top Value Associates is accepting reservations for the New City Paradise plots that are for sale. We promise that the plot costs would be extremely affordable for investors. As a result of New City Paradise’s extremely inexpensive prices compared to the societies’ triple pricing. But if you invest now, you may earn greatly. The platter offer, which gives plots in large quantities, is also available to you.

New City Paradise | Top Value Associates

New City Paradise 3.5 Marla:

  • The total price is Rs. 1,580,000
  • The booking price is Rs. 185,000
  • The confirmation amount is Rs. 185,000
  • 36 monthly installments are Rs. 20,000 each
  • 4 half-yearly balloon payments are Rs. 60,000 each
  • The balloting payment is Rs. 125,000
  • The allotment price is Rs. 125,000

New City Paradise 5 Marla:

  • The total price is Rs. 2,275,000
  • The booking price is Rs. 250,000
  • The confirmation amount is Rs. 250,000
  • 36 monthly installments are Rs. 26,000 each
  • 4 half-yearly balloon payments are Rs. 96,000 each
  • The balloting payment is Rs. 227,500
  • The allotment price is Rs. 227,500

New City Paradise 10 Marla:

  • The total price is Rs. 4,300,000
  • The booking price is Rs. 500,000
  • The confirmation amount is Rs. 500,000
  • 36 monthly installments are Rs. 46,000 each
  • 4 half-yearly balloon payments are Rs. 196,000 each
  • The balloting payment is Rs. 430,000
  • The allotment price is Rs. 430,000

New City Paradise 1 Kanal:

  • The total price is Rs. 8,200,000
  • The booking price is Rs. 900,000
  • The confirmation amount is Rs. 900,000
  • 36 monthly installments are Rs. 90,000 each
  • 4 half-yearly balloon payments are Rs. 380,000 each
  • The balloting payment is Rs. 820,000
  • The allotment price is Rs. 820,000

New City Paradise Commercial Plots Payment Plan:

New City Paradise 2.5 Marla Commercial Plots:

  • The total price of 2.5 Marla commercial plots is Rs.5,500,000/-
  • Booking is offered at Rs. 650,000/-
  • Confirmation is offered at Rs. 650,000/-
  • 36 monthly installments are Rs. 55,556/-
  • 4 half-yearly installments are Rs. 275,000/-
  • Possession Charges are Rs. 550,000/-
  • Plot Allotment is offered at Rs. 550,000/-

New City Paradise 4 Marla Commercial Plots:

  • The total price of 4 Marla commercial plots is Rs.8,500,000/-
  • Booking is offered at Rs. 1,000,000/-
  • Confirmation is offered at Rs. 1,000,000/-
  • 36 monthly instalments are Rs. 86,000/-
  • 4 half-yearly instalments are Rs. 426,000/-
  • Possession Charges are Rs. 850,000/-
  • Plot allotment is offered at Rs. 850,000/-

 New City Paradise 7 Marla Commercial Plots:

  • The total price of 7 Marla commercial plots is Rs.14,500,000/-
  • Booking is offered at Rs. 1,800,000/-
  • Confirmation is offered at Rs. 1,800,000/-
  • 36 monthly instalments are Rs. 141,500/-
  • 4 half-yearly instalments are Rs. 726,000/-
  • Possession Charges are Rs. 1,450,000/-
  • Plot allotment is offered at Rs. 1,450,000/-

New City Paradise Future Developments:

Being that construction is already well underway and most of the land is built, the development of the New City Paradise is impressive. The rest of the country is undergoing a phase of rapid development. The following are some examples of the significant New City Paradise developments that are anticipated to be finished quickly:

  • Mosques
  • Smart Villas
  • Linear Park
  • Link Roads
  • Plot Cuttings
  • Street Lights
  • Smart Homes
  • Overhead Tanks
  • Main Boulevard
  • Operational Tube Wells
  • Site Office and Marketing Office

The New City Paradise will feature all the main brands that were recently a part of the New City Wah and New City Arcade.

New City Paradise Latest News:

The residential society has provided a new payment plan that offers a variety of returns on investment (ROI) with significant earnings, according to the most recent information about New City Paradise.

New City Paradise | Top Value Associates


New City Paradise Allotment Certificate:

We suggest that you stay connected with us at all times for the latest New City Paradise Allotment Announcement information. The management of New City Paradise occasionally grants allotment certificates or letters for residential and business sites.

Possession Allotment for New City Paradise:

Possession rules previously published for plots in New City Paradise are amended and fully disclosed to respected clients.

New City Paradise Transfer Procedure:

For the expected transfer procedure, the following are the steps:

  • A transfer request is to be submitted with a No Demand Certificate (NDC)
  • Original membership letter
  • CNIC copies
  • Next of kin
  • Passport size photographs
  • Membership/Associate form of the purchaser
  • Affidavit of the purchaser & seller
  • Undertaking by the purchaser
  • General Power of Attorney (GPA)

Further kinds of transfer procedures could be inquired from New City Paradise website.

New City Paradise Balloting:

There will be several stages to the New City Paradise voting process. You can reach us by phone at the New City Paradise contact line, which is available around the clock.

New City Paradise Balloting Results:

The results of plot balloting could be acquired from the official website or you may also contact Top Value Associates for additional help.

New City Paradise Application Form:

From the official website, you can download and submit the New City Paradise application. But first, get in touch with the management. The following required documents must be included with the application form:

  • Passport size photographs
  • Copy of CNIC or passport
  • Copy of NICOP
  • Copy of payment receipt
  • Screenshot of online payment slip

New City Paradise Membership Form:

You can contact Top Value Associates or the official management of the residential society to get more information about the membership form.

New City Paradise Registration Form:

By contacting Top Value Associates or the residential society’s service line, you may also download the New City Paradise Registration Form.

New City Paradise Development Charges:

We suggest you contact the New City Paradise Customer Support Centre to learn more about the development fees. However, it’s crucial to note that the developers have chosen to incorporate the development fees in the payment schedule.

New City Paradise Facilities & Amenities:

Modern facilities and services are offered by New City Paradise at reasonable prices. Any opulent modern multipurpose project, which might be referred to as a whole real estate project, includes the facilities.

The facilities in New City Paradise are as follows:

New City Paradise | Top Value Associates



Smart Housing:

By bringing the idea of smart housing, New City Paradise aims to provide the highest quality living standards at the most affordable prices. The housing organisation offers technologically advanced smart homes and smart villas.

Smart Economy:

As it develops into an economic powerhouse for the nation and the area, New City Paradise will soon be open for business. Commercial centres in society will provide a variety of career opportunities once they are fully operating.

Smart Environment:

In comparison to other housing societies in Pakistan, New City Paradise is enriched with amenities and characteristics that are close to nature. Along with being smart, it is also environmentally beneficial. A significant land area has been set aside for beautiful scenery and lush landscaping by the designers and owners. Additionally, it provides farms that use hydroponics and rely on water.


The project will offer a modern living that is both environmentally sustainable and near to nature. The intimate proximity to nature will offer a singular experience that is unmatched in Pakistan.

Water Resources:

The project has considered the water requirements of the locals. To do this, enormous amounts of water will be stored in water tanks that the residents can utilize for daily tasks.

Business & Commercial Hub:

The builders have taken care of all the commercial and economic requirements. The project will offer a comprehensive business space as a result. The inhabitants can satisfy all of the project’s business needs from these locations.

Secure Project:

For a home project, safety is essential. A security system with carefully placed 24/7 CCTV cameras and other monitoring devices will offer total protection to the general public. Additionally, a boundary wall with a failsafe mechanism will encircle the project to ensure a high level of safety.

New City Paradise Salient Features:

The following are the salient features of the New City Paradise:

  • Shops
  • Affordability
  • Accessibility
  • 24/7 Security
  • Maintenance
  • Glow Park
  • Gymnasium
  • Water Resources
  • Eco-community
  • Beautiful Entrance
  • Dancing Fountain
  • Botanical Garden
  • Mini Golf Course
  • Cricket Stadium
  • Football Stadium
  • Basketball Court
  • Waterfront District
  • Long Tennis Court
  • Quality Development
  • 4-Lane Bicycle Track
  • Water, Gas, Electricity
  • 250 Feet Wide Main Boulevard
  • Sewerage and Waste Disposal System
  • World-class Infrastructure Development
  • Close to CPEC Route and Economic Zone
  • Direct access from 330-feet-wide G.T Road

Why Invest in New City Paradise?

Numerous benefits exist for investing in New City Paradise. It is the best investment opportunity in Wah for any investor wishing to put money into a worthwhile project. The following are some of the key justifications for investing in New City Paradise:

  • Affordable
  • Eco-friendly
  • Prime Location
  • Spacious Properties
  • Luxurious Amenities
  • Well-known Developers
  • International Infrastructure Development

New City Paradise | Top Value Associates

Guidelines to Follow while Purchasing/Sale of Plots:

Following are the guidelines to follow:

Document Verification:

To prevent any misunderstandings or miscommunications, check all the paperwork. Make sure to ask about the NOC and approval paperwork from the developers that have been properly approved by the authorities before entering into any property purchase or sale. Your paperwork will be legal in this way if there are any other ways to satisfy the customer.

Financial Security:

Please make sure that your finances match your purchase plan before concluding any sale or purchase of the property. Your purchase or sell will be completed without any problems in this way.

Property Visits:

Visit the site to make sure the written documents are in accordance with the plot factors before making any purchases and after making sure the documents are valid.

Documentation Requirement for Booking:

Top Value Associates advises asking about the most recent documentation requirements for booking because we value our customers’ confidence and transparency. Residential and commercial plots are also available for reservation in other developments including Blue World City, Kingdom Valley Islamabad, and Nova City Islamabad.To purchase property in New City Paradise, the following papers are needed:

  • Two passport-size pictures
  • NICOP for overseas clients
  • Two copies of your National Identity Card
  • Two copies of the I.D. card of your next kin

Benefits of Real Estate Investment:

One of the most rewarding sectors is real estate investment, among others. This is a result of its fantastic investment return potential. However, it is important to keep in mind that it will only be successful when done correctly. Investing in the real estate sector can have a variety of positive effects. Here are a few of the primary advantages:

Financial Security:

The real estate industry is, in fact, the industry that can maintain an investment’s worth at a high level and prevent it from declining if a person has some spare money or some property and wants to keep the value of that property high.

Stable Income:

A person can easily acquire a reliable income by investing in real estate. One could purchase a property, develop it, or purchase a developed property, then rent it out on a monthly or yearly basis. Additionally, the rent goes up by a certain amount each year, so it is fair to claim that it is improving rather than remaining stable.


It’s not like you have to take care of a living thing every day once an investment is finished. The most you will need to do is occasionally check on your property to make sure it does not get into the hands of encroachers.

Passive Income:

Rent could be a source of passive income once someone has invested in real estate. Investors purchase built real estate or develop undeveloped land, then rent it out to generate income continuously throughout the year.

Non-depreciable Asset:

When done properly, real estate investing is a type of company that never loses value. Every year, the value of real estate rises. Additionally, if a sizable public or private project is launched nearby, the value may rise dramatically.

Booking Procedure for New City Paradise:

Top Value Associates always recommends to our esteemed clients to clear up any communication before asking management about the most recent booking method. The booking process is as straightforward as it can be.All you need to do is adhere to the following expected booking procedure steps:

  • Fill out your booking application form with full attention
  • Attach the CNIC copies of the applicant
  • Pay down payment via cheque or pay-order in favour of “New City Paradise,” but confirm the management process in case of new changes
  • Cash payments are also accepted after confirmation by the management
  • Submit all the required documents, payment, and the receipt

Pros & Cons:

Following are the Pros & Cons of the New City Paradise:



24/7 water Perception of high prices
24/7 electricity
24/7 gas
Peaceful/ healthy/secure environment
Surveillance systems, CCTV cameras & guards
Very close to the central locations & other projects
Security system
Solid waste disposal mechanism

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Q1: What is New City Paradise, and how is it different from other projects?

Ans: The multi-purpose New City Paradise project was created to give people a distinctive living experience at a reasonable price. Its creation has received the full attention of a group of engineers, architects, and other staff members with years of experience.

Q2: Is the project New City Paradise authorised and legitimate?

Ans: The NOC of the New City Paradise has received PHATA approval.

Q3: Is New City Paradise a reasonably priced real estate venture?

Ans: Because of the simple New City Paradise installment plans, the answer is without a doubt. The management has been instrumental in striking a balance between affordability and luxury.

Q4: Is there a chance that investing in New City Paradise will yield a high return?

Ans: The likelihood of high-yield investment returns is increased because the New City Paradise payment schedule is accessible for families and small investors.

Q5: What is New City Paradise’s current location on a map?

Ans: New City Paradise is situated on GT Road, close to the Burhan Interchange and the M-1 Motorway. Google Maps also allows you to view the project’s GPS or live location.

Q6: Who are the New City Paradise’s creators?

Ans: The builders of New City Paradise are the same people who built New City Wah. Investors are familiar with these developers.

Q7: How do I reserve a room at New City Paradise?

Ans: The actions that should be taken in order to reserve a property in the New City Paradise Wah are as follows:

  • Send the required information to the salesperson or Sky Marketing.
  • Choose a property’s size
  • Complete the form with accurate personal information.
  • Input of the nominee’s data
  • Put the payments in.
  • Real signature

Q8: What number can I call to reach the New City Paradise corporate office?

Ans: Ask Top Value Associates for their contact information.

Q9: What is the procedure for tracking New City Paradise?

Ans: The official website of New City Paradise or Top Value Associates can be used to track your reservation.

Q10: Would late payments for New City Paradise plot reservations be subject to a surcharge?

Ans: A surcharge may apply to all late payments. It is in accordance with the conditions and terms listed on the reservation form.

Q11: Who is the New City Paradise’s owner?

Ans: New City Paradise is owned by Chaudhary Saad Zaman.

Q12: Is New City Paradise a profitable investment?

Ans: Yes, New City Paradise is without a doubt the best investment opportunity in Wah.

Q13: Is there a New City Paradise account number?

Ans: Yes, you can submit payments to New City Paradise using their account number.

Q14: Is it advantageous to purchase New City Paradise Zameen?

Ans: Yes, New City Paradise’s zameen can offer you huge earnings.

Q15: What phone number is the New City Paradise helpline?

Ans: The management of Top Value Associates can be contacted to find out the phone number for New City Paradise.

Q16: What is the address of New City Paradise?

Ans: M-1 Motorway, GT Road, Burhan Interchange, and New City Paradise.

Q17: What has changed recently about the New City Paradise 2023 payment schedule?

Ans: We’ll shortly release the most recent information for the upcoming year.

Q18: Merger between New City Wah and New City Paradise?

Ans: No, there is currently no information available about such a merger.

Q19: Are Top Value Associates and New City Paradise sales partners?

Ans: The developers of New City Paradise Wah and Top Value Associates are the official sales partners of New City Paradise.

Q20: What is the size of the roads in New City Paradise?

Ans: The roadways are quite wide, measuring 40, 80, 100, 120, 150, 180, and 250 feet, respectively.

Q21: Is a visit to the New City Paradise office possible?

Ans: Yes, you are welcome to drop by the New City Paradise office.

Q22: What land sizes are available in New City Paradise?

Ans: There are several sizes of residential plots available for sale in New City Paradise, including 3.5 Marla, 5 Marla, 10 Marla, and 1 Kanal. There are three different-sized commercial plots: 2.5 Marla, 4 Marla, and 7 Marla.

Q23: Has a new master plan been announced for New City Paradise?

Ans: Yes, the new master plan for New City Paradise has been unveiled with a lot more detail than the old one.

Q24: Are there New City Paradise plots that may be purchased over time?

Ans: Yes, New City Paradise provides business and residential plots with simple monthly payments.

Q25: Is the RDA in favour of New City Paradise?

Ans: No, the PHATA has authorised New City Paradise.

Q26: Does New City Paradise accept reservations?

Ans: The New City Paradise’s booking system is indeed completely functional.

Q27. Why aren’t the New City Paradise plots being sold for what the land is worth?

Ans: The plots should be priced reasonably, according to the proprietors.

Q28. Why did New City Paradise wait until after receiving the NOC to sell the plots?

Ans: By following all the regulations set forth for a housing project by the relevant development authorities, the developers and owners hoped to win the trust of the investors and clear up any doubts about the housing society’s legality.

Q29. Why have other local developers not built as many homes in almost 8 years as New City Housing Developers have in a relatively short period of time?

Ans: The developers value actual work over merely paper-based activity. They didn’t make hollow promises; instead, they fulfilled their commitments to the local investors and inhabitants.

Q30. How would the facilities offered to residents set the project apart from other housing societies?

Ans: The housing society will make it feasible to supply gas, water and electricity to residents, as well as all other requirements of life. Furthermore, the project’s dependability will undoubtedly attract numerous multinational businesses to it. Burger King, Pizza Hut, McDonald’s, Minnie Minors, and Sapphire are a few of the global brands.

Q31. How big is New City Paradise in terms of land area?

Ans: The housing project is anticipated to span over 20,000 Kanal. Only 4,256 Kanal have received PHATA approval for development to date. However, because the owners have a history of following the law, the remaining land will likewise be approved.

Q32. Why was this location chosen for New City Paradise by the owners?

Ans: The housing society’s location on GT Road makes it an excellent access point from a number of neighbouring roads, including the Islamabad-Peshawar Motorway (M-1), the Burhan Interchange, and the CPEC Route.

Q33. What stage of construction is New City Paradise at?

Ans: Within a week or month, the physical work should start.

Q34. When would possession of the New City Paradise plot occur?

Ans: Clients who contributed 50% of the total amount would be eligible to vote for New City Paradise. The customers who would pay 100% of the total amount would also receive possession in just under a year. We’ll let you know more information soon.

Q35. It already has a name: New City Wah. Is New City Paradise likely to be any different?

Ans: The proprietors are prepared to establish New City Paradise as a brand. In Pakistan’s real estate market, the project is already quite popular.


A world-class luxurious life for the residents is the only goal of New City Paradise, a luxurious residential and commercial development. The key characteristics of this property are its elegant features, reasonable price, and excellent location. Contacting us would make it simple to purchase the available plots. We can also give you information on the New City Paradise account. Therefore, as one of the best investment options in the twin cities, Top Value Associates strongly advises making investments in New City Paradise.

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